Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cherokee National Forest: Squibb Creek Falls

Despite the rain this morning, I felt I had to get outside and go for a hike. I decided to head back to the Horse Creek area and hike in the Sampson Mountain Wilderness where Sierra, Noelle, Parker and I had hiked the tough loop a few days back.

I made the drive to the recreation area, parked at the end of the paved road, and walked a small portion of the road that follows Horse Creek.
Hiking in Rain
It was foggy and the fog and light rain seemed to give an air of somberness to the scene. Soon I crossed Horse Creek on a footbridge
Foggy Creek
and headed into the wilderness area.
I passed by the strange cabin seemingly located within the wilderness boundary.
A Frame

I took a quick look inside and it appeared to be a comfortable place to spend a vacation. Then I crossed Squibb Creek which I would follow for the rest of my hike.
Squibb Creek Trail

There were lots of pretty cascades on the creek
Squibb Creek cascades
more cascades
and a few wildflowers made their presence felt.
squirrel corn
There were also lots of snails on the trail,
along with some red efts.
red eft
The hiking was rather easy. I wish I had planned this hike for when Noelle, Sierra and Parker were with me instead of the slog up Turkeypen Cove. Before I knew it I was at the falls.
Squibb Creek Falls
The falls were pretty, but I am glad that I made the trek in a time of high water as it appears that the falls are not always flowing with much water. After eating a snack at the falls I retraced my trail back to the car. There were lots of butterflies on the rough road near the parking area.

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