Friday, January 17, 2014

Booker T. Washington National Monument

Booker T Washington statue
Last night after dinner, Noelle, Sierra and I packed up the ol' Subaru and hit the road. We got to a late start intentionally, hoping Sierra would sleep in the car. Our plan worked well, until we arrived at our hotel in Roanoke. Once she woke up in the strange hotel, Sierra did not want to sleep. We had a pretty restless night last night. This morning though, we were ready for a little adventure.

We made the short drive from Roanoke to Booker T. Washington National Monument and we were not disappointed. First we watched the short, though old video. Then we headed out to check out the farm area near the location where Washington was born into slavery. First we checked out the small Burroughs family cemetery.
Buroughs cemetery
The Burroughs were the family that owned Booker and other family members. From the cemetery we headed over to the animals. The first animals that we saw were the pigs.
Sierra really enjoyed watching them eat.
Mommy and Sierra
From the pigs we headed over to the horse. The horse was eating and Sierra petted him while he chomped down on his breakfast.
petting horse

Nearby to the horse was a cow out in its pasture.
cow eating
We watched it for a short time before heading over to the ducks and chickens.
pond and buildings
watching ducks
Sierra thought the chickens were quite funny and even imitated the sounds they made.
chicken 2
From the fowl, we headed into the area of buildings
Eric and Sierra walking
which included a replica of Washington's birth house,
replica house
a blacksmith shed, and a tobacco barn.
in tobacco house
We then started to head back to the visitor center. By this time Sierra was really excited and ran on her own towards the sheep.
Sierra runs to animals
sheep and horses
She loves sheep and lambs, probably because of her favorite stuffed animal Little Lamb. She watched the sheep for a while saying baa, baa. Then we headed back to the car for our drive to Woodford, Virginia to meet Sierra's new cousin.               

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