Sunday, January 19, 2014

George Washington Birthplace National Monument

We rounded up all the cousins, aunt, uncles and grandparents and headed out into the wind to explore the George Washington Birthplace National Monument. It was about a 50 minute drive from Woodford. As we headed into the monument we passed by a monument to George Washington
that had once been placed on the site where it had been presumed he had been born. When they built the birth home replica they moved it to its current location. We parked the car and headed into the visitor center with its great view out onto Pope's Creek.
Popes Creek

After a few minutes in the visitor center (including a stop to be photographed like a ranger),
Ranger JT
we headed out on the trail that leads over to the birth replica and a working farm. There were great views out onto the water and we even saw an eagle flying high above. We ended up bypassing the historic area at first and instead headed out for a short walk on a nature trail.
Mommy Sierra Grandpa
Alaric on stump
We crossed several bridges and boardwalks which the boys and Sierra thought was fun.
crossing bridge
brothers on boardwalk
Sierra with grandparents on boardwalk
Eventually we found ourselves back in the historic area's farm. Unfortunately, there were not many animals out. Just a few cows.
Then we headed over to the birth home replica.
replica birth house
The rooms inside were furnished with period furnishings.    
bed in house
card table
From the birth home replica we headed back towards the visitor center past a field filled with geese.
fence and geese
We ate lunch in our vehicles and then decided to head over to the Washington Burial Ground. 
Washington Burial Ground
It was interesting to look at the grave markers.
Noelle inspects grave
Washington Ball grave
After a few minutes exploring the cemetery we hit the road and headed back to Woodford.             

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