Saturday, June 21, 2014

Erwin Linear Trail: TN Highway 107 to Northern Terminus

Sierra and I gave Noelle some time alone to work on her thesis by heading over to Erwin to walk another section of the Linear Trail. When we arrived in town it started to rain and so we killed some time by eating lunch at Subway. By the time we were finished eating the rain had moved away and we were ready to do some walking.

The walk started out by heading under the Highway 107 underpass near McDonalds. We then headed to a section of trail that led past a few ponds filled with Canada geese.
Sierra and Daddy

goose grazing
Besides the geese we saw some ducks and a great blue heron as well.
heron in water
After the ponds we headed to a not-so-scenic section of trail that very closely paralleled Interstate 26.
path along Interstate
Sierra and leaf
We did manage to see a few trains which Sierra greatly appreciated.
train engine
Sierra watching train
She is very much into trains all of a sudden. The trail ended at a small family cemetery called the Booth Cemetery.
Booth cemetery
We quickly checked it out and then headed back to the car.

On the way back we took a detour on a side trail through the middle of two ponds
cattails and pond
on a dirt trail.
side trail
We turned around and were greeted by more geese when we returned to the main trail.
geese on trail
Shortly after hitting the main trail we found ourselves back at the car for the drive home to Greeneville.           

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