Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Old Kentucky Home

Our Summer 2014 Road Trip is now officially underway! We passed through the Cumberland Gap yesterday morning and into Kentucky for the first time since we left in 2009. Then it was up Interstate 75 to Lexington where we met a friend at our former place of employment: McConnell Springs. We checked out some of the changes that have been made since we left. We walked through a light rain to a cabin that was in the process of being built.
Then it was over to the new pond.
Pond Boardwalk

The pond was nice and there were lots of frogs to look for.
Flowers and Pond
After investigating the pond  we walked the paved trail past "the Blue Hole" and "the Boils". We even saw a butterfly fluttering around.
Then we got back in the car for a scenic drive through horse country on our way to Midway
Midway, Kentucky
McKee Monument
where we spent the night with friends. Sierra especially enjoyed making new friends.
This afternoon we had lunch at Grey Goose Pizza before we hit the road headed north into Indiana.        

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