Thursday, April 2, 2015

Andersonville National Historic Site

After our wonderful morning at Ocmulgee, we made our way over to Andersonville National Historic Site. In case you are unaware, Andersonville is the site of a notorious Confederate Prisoner of War camp. We toured the excellent Prisoner of War Museum and then headed outside
to see the site of the POW camp.
POW camp
There are lots of monuments today, marking the sites where soldiers from various states tended to camp together.
Sierra in field

Wisconsin 2
Clara Barton Monument

After touring the POW camp site, we headed over to the Andersonville National Cemetery.
It is one of only two active national cemeteries managed by the National Park Service. The other is at my work site: Andrew Johnson National Cemetery. I was amazed how closely the headstones were placed to each other.
close graves
There were even more monuments erected by various states.
Pennsylvania monument in cemetery
After touring the cemetery we hit the road and headed to Macon to stay in a hotel for the night.           

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