Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Highpoint of Florida: Britton Hill

After leaving the Naval Live Oaks we headed through the urban coastal nightmare that is Florida. It was one town right after another. We stopped in Fort Walton Beach for lunch and then started to get away from the throngs of people by heading inland. We headed north and soon enough found ourselves at Lakewood Park in Walton County, Florida to ascend the highpoint of the Sunshine State.
Florida highpoint
Actually all we really had to do was spark the car and walk 20 yards. This was a good thing since Sierra was asleep inside the car and we opted not to wake her up. We took each others' photo at the summit
Eric at Florida highpoint
Noelle at Florida highpoint
 and then signed the register before getting back on the road.
log book at highpoint
  It was state highpoint number 40 for me, and we think number 24 for Noelle!

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