Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pisgah National Forest: Moore Cove Trail

After our delicious meal at Sierra Nevada we were ready to burn off some calories. We headed over towards Brevard to do a short hike to Moore Cove Falls. We parked in the lot, just off the highway and hit the trail, immediately crossing a stream on a footbridge. The trail was wide and a bit muddy in places. We crossed a stream several times on bridges
Noelle crosses bridge
and passed some large boulders. Soon we were at the falls.
Moore Cove Falls
The waterfall did not feature a large volume of water, but was still scenic. We walked to the back of the falls,
behind falls
and I narrowly avoided disaster when I slipped in the mud while holding Sierra. There was a group of Germans who stripped down to their skivvies and showered in the cold water.
German shower

After a few minutes, we started to make a our way back to the car.
walking back
We stopped at a convenient stream crossing to play in the water. Sierra demanded to take her sandals off.
piggies in water
She threw some rocks in the water
rock in hand
and Noelle picked up some rocks to look for salamanders. We found a few, mostly small ones. We also found a little crayfish.
After about 20 minutes of playing in the water we started to make our way back to the car again. We crossed the bridges
on bridge
and made our way past the large boulders
big rock
before we found ourselves back at the car for our trip to REI and the long drive back to Greeneville.          

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