Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sierra Nevada Brewery Complex at Mills River, North Carolina

We finally made it to Mecca!
Sierra Nevada
I've been wanting to visit the Sierra Nevada Brewery for a long time now. Long before a North Carolina brewery was even the seed of an idea in Ken Grossman's head, I had wanted to head out to Chico, California and see where one of my favorite beers of all time was brewed. We made the drive down from Greeneville and arrived just as the taproom and gift shop were opening. We parked in the shade of a panel of photovoltaic cells and headed inside the taproom.
Noelle outside taproom
We had a delicious lunch. It was the cauliflower steak sandwich for Noelle and the shirt steak sandwich for me. I drank two pints: Torpedo IPA
and a Kolsch. Both were delicious. After our lunch and beer we bought a pint glass in the gift shop and then did a self guided tour of the brewery operation.
brew kettles
Then we headed back to the car, past some cool keg bike racks and Bigfoot tracks. 
Sierra on bigfoot

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