Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cape May Point State Park: Blue Trail

After taking a day for relaxing yesterday, Noelle and I headed out to do some hiking. We decided to head over to Cape May Point State Park and take along our binoculars. Our first stop was the observation platform near the parking lot
Noelle birding
where we saw lots of turkey vultures and a few hawks, ducks, coots, swans, and a great blue heron.

After looking at the birds, we decided to hike the blue trail.
Noelle walks boardwalk
The trail was pleasant and wound through lots of small wetland areas
trees and water
on trail and boardwalk.
Noelle walking boards again
Every now and then we stopped to look for birds.
birding again
Besides birds we saw some hardy flowers still in bloom.
blooming flowers
At the turnaround point of the loop trail we caught some nice vies of the Cape May Point Lighthouse.
We had climbed to the top of it back in the summer of 2011, right before our move from Minnesota to New Mexico. When the blue trail got close to the beach, we opted to walk on the beach back to the parking lot instead of the trail. I found an interesting exoskeleton.
shell on beach
Could it be a skate?

We walked past the World War II era battery
on the beach and towards the lighthouse.
Noelle on beach
We used the restroom and then headed back to the observation platform where we saw lots more turkey vultures, but also a pair of bald eagles and a peregrine falcon!  We then got in the car and headed over to Sunset Beach to check out the shipwreck there.
After lunch at Wawa, we ended our date with a flight of beers each at Cape May Brewing Company.
Cape May brewing

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