Monday, November 23, 2015

Oxon Hill Farm

After waking up in a really nice hotel in Arlington, Virginia; we quickly crossed the Potomac River into Maryland for a visit to Oxon Hill Farm. Just a word of warning, the entrance to the park is a little bit tricky to find. After finding the park entrance we parked the car and bundled up for the brisk and breezy morning. We were greeted by some cows at the farm entrance
two cows
and walked an old farm road past a barn
Sierra and Mommy walking to barn
to the visitor center were Sierra played with some farm-themed toys while the whole family warmed up a bit. There was a nice mural inside featuring different farm animals, including a sheep.
Sierra and sheep
Sierra really appreciated the sheep!

After having sufficiently warmed ourselves, we headed back outside and walked through a few barns
brick barn
including one that contained goats.
We then headed down to the dairy barn for the cow milking demonstration. We admired a few of the cows in their pasture before the demonstration.
looking at cow
The ranger giving the demonstration offered us an opportunity to milk the cow and I took it. It was my first time milking a cow! After the milking demonstration we wandered around the farm a bit more,
farm overlook
checking out the various buildings
and admiring the animals.
The old farmhouse on the property dated back to the War of 1812.
farm house
The occupants even saw rockets crash down in their fields during the war.

Once we had toured the grounds, it was time to hit the road. We headed north through surprisingly light traffic and into New Jersey to see Pop Pop and Ta Ta's new house near the beach. I even got to see the sun set over Delaware Bay.

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