Sunday, December 13, 2015

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Trentham Cemetery

I'd noticed this small cemetery a few times while driving past the road that leads to the Sugarlands riding stables. Today I decided to stop to take a look. It is filled with several members of the Trentham family,
Easter Trentham
William Trentham
and is the site of birthplace of Gladys Trentham Russell.
Gladys Trentham Russell Birthplace
Gladys Trentham Russell wrote some type of book about the culture of the mountain people in these parts. I found the Andrew Jackson Bradley grave site among the more interesting in the cemetery. There is a stone, I'm guessing his original headstone, that is simply engraved AJ Bradley.
original Andrew Jackson Bradley headstone
Nearby are two more "professionally" created markers and a Confederate flag.
Confederate grave

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