Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Grunwalds' Family Christmas Tree Adventure 2015

This year's Christmas tree hunting adventure did not go exactly as planned. The Choo Choo Cafe in Erwin, where we had eaten lunch last year, was closed for a private party and so we had to settle for Taco Bell. Oh well. At least the tree hunting itself went well. In fact, things went better at the tree farm than last year. It was much less crowded. It might pay to wait an extra week before looking for the tree in the future.

We arrived at the Frosty Mountain Tree Farm.
view from tree farm
Hiked up the muddy/icy road
walking to tree
and quickly found our specimen for the year.
we found our tree
I walked back to the parking are (complete with Santa Horse)
santa horse
and got the assistance of a sawyer team to cut and haul our tree. We paid, they strapped the tree to the roof of the Subaru and we were on our way home.

We quickly set the tree up at home and even began decorating it.
Sierra decorating
decorating 2
We're not quite finished with that part yet and so in the future there will be photos of the fully trimmed tree.

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