Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Voyageurs National Park: Little American Island

Two days in a row, out on the water! Today, after a short trip to town, we headed over to the boat ramp at Dove Island
Sierra ready to canoe
and put in headed for Little American Island.
Headed to Little American Island
Little American Island is a detached unit of Voyageurs National Park and is best known for the gold mining that happened there in the 1890s. There are some old mining adits located on the island,
mine adit
along with some mining shafts, equipment
Mining Hoist Wheel
and tailings piles. We explored the roughly 1/4 mile long trail and saw lots of evidence of the mining era, along with some wildflowers
wild rose
and berries
(and a few mosquitoes).

Walking at Little American Island
We walked to an overlook of Rainy Lake
View from Little American Island
on the east side of the island and found the Hike to Health rubbing plate.
Hike to Health Rubbing Plate
Sierra and I worked to make a rubbing in our book,
Making the Hike to Health Rubbing
and then walked quickly back to the canoe
Walking at Little American Island
to get away from the mosquitoes. It had been a short paddle and hike, and we were not yet ready to take the canoe out of the water. Instead, we paddled west to the small island the lies just off the mainland from our house. Really, we wanted to see what our house looks like from the water.
Eagle View from water
We paddled around the island and then headed back, passing relatively closely to the old fire tower that makes a good reference point out on the lake.
paddling and fire tower
It was perfect weather for a paddle.
Sierra relaxing in canoe
Warm, but not too hot. There was little breeze, but the little bit we had helped to push us gently back to our put-in at Dove Island.

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