Monday, May 8, 2017

Cranberry Peatlands Interpretive Trail

Today Noelle, Grandma, Sierra and I headed over to Canada to check out the Cranberry Peatlands Interpretive Trail near Alberton. It was a short drive through Fort Frances to the trailhead. We parked off the gravel Whitmore Road and headed out on the boardwalk trail.
starting the hike

There were plentiful views out across the wetlands off the side of the trail.
The sign at the trailhead
Cranberry Peatlands Trailhead
explained that the peat moss found here was harvested for use as poultry liner in the United States. Perhaps the highlights of the walk were several beaver lodges that were very close to the boardwalk.
big beaver lodge
One even abutted the boardwalk.
beaver lodge near trail
There were even a few wildflowers in bloom: leatherleaf.
The marsh marigold was almost ready to bloom.
marsh marigold
The trail ends at a viewing platform with expansive views of the surrounding wetlands.
view at the end
From the platform we turned around and headed back to the car from the direction we had come.
Sierra walks boardwalk
We went into Fort Frances for a delicious lunch at Flint House, before returning to International Falls.

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