Monday, April 17, 2017

Greens Coulee Park and Preserve

Today, Noelle and I left Sierra with Grandma and went for a hike at Greens Coulee Park and Preserve in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Probably the most difficult part of the hike was finding the trailhead, which is situated in a neighborhood of new (and expensive) homes. Once we found the trailhead, we parked and hit the trail
Noelle hikes
ascending the steep Pierce Path.
still climbing
Parts of the trail were so steep that there was a rope one could use to make your way up when muddy.
uphill with rope
There were lots of spring wildflowers in bloom. More pasque flower,
along with Dutchman's breeches,
closeup of DBs
better bloodroot
and others.
flower closeup

Soon we came to the top of a ridge.
climbing with bluff
We followed a faint path out of the park and into the woods and preserve. Views started to open up over the surrounding blufflands. Then, we found ourselves at Mushroom Rock!
Mushroom Rock
We continued past Mushroom Rock to some really awesome views of the neighborhood down below and a distant view of the mighty Mississippi River.
view from overlook
We turned around at the end of the ridge (and trail)
Noelle at overlook
and headed back into the park.
Noelle on descent
More views abounded from within the park at its high point.
view 2
After attaining the apex of the park, we started our descent, following the Clearwater Trail back to the car.

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