Sunday, January 27, 2019

Photo of the Day: The Wolf

Today at work, I just happened to be tending the fire in the woodburning stove when I noticed what at first appeared to be a dog walk nearby to the visitor center. I walked over to the window to get a closer look and realized it wasn't just any dog, but a wolf; Canis lupus! Quickly I ran to get the park camera with zoom lens and hustled back to the window. The wolf had walked out to the end of the snow-covered boat dock, but didn't seem to find a way to get down off of it to the frozen lake surface a few feet below. It turned around and started heading back towards the visitor center. I ran out onto the patio and was lucky enough to snap this photo (along with 3 others that did not turn out nearly as good). Then I observed the wolf walk down onto the ice and trot across the frozen surface of Black Bay to the Kabetogama Peninsula. It was an experience I will never forget!

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luksky said...

Wow, that is awesome!!