Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Panorama Point: The Highest Point in Nebraska

After our hike at the Pawnee Buttes, we headed north back into Nebraska (after inadvertently heading further west than we had intended) to visit the highest point in our new home state. Noelle and I had been there before, nearly 18 years earlier during my first season at Wind Cave National Park.
This time we would return with Sierra. We crossed from Colorado into Nebraska and almost immediately found ourselves at the High Point Bison Ranch. I paid the entrance fee ($3 per person) and we made the short drive to the summit area.
We took a family photo at the summit,
Note, I'm wearing the same fleece sweatshirt to both my visits to Panorama Point, 18 years apart!
signed the register,
and rested at the bench there for a short time.
Then we got back in the car for a failed trip to the tri-state (Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado) monument where the 3 states' borders intersect. Unfortunately, there was a pipe blocking the drive to the monument and so we turned around and started our drive back to Gering. I'm guessing all the wind turbine development has something to do with the closure. 

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