Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daniel Boone National Forest: Arch Hunter's Weekend

Well the bread to the meat of my day of work at McConnell Springs for Founder's Day was two days (Friday and Sunday) of joining a bunch of ASSES for their annual Arch Hunter's Weekend. Now the acronym ASSES isn't a derogatory one, it stands for Arch Seekers of the SouthEastern States. I had a great time looking for some of the lesser known arches in the Red River Gorge area. Noelle was able to join us for the Sunday trip, and it was on this trip that we saw one of the more impressive arches in the Gorge, Danger Arch.

Another highlight of the Sunday trip was a visit to the most intact moonshine still that I've ever come across. The site was quite interesting with lots of glass Mason jars, copper tubing, and even an intact oak barrel.
The area included many other interesting features like rockhouses and interesting patterns in the sandstone. I would love the opportunity to explore the area more some day!

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