Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Well tonight Noelle and I finally used the Kentucky Theater gift certificates my supervisor gave me for Christmas two years ago. We went to see the new Indiana Jones flick. Let me say that despite all the ridiculousness and the hokey science fiction spin on the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, I did enjoy the movie. However, that being said there were some scenes in the movie that would have been better left on the chopping block floor. Some of these scenes that come to mind include:
  1. Going over three different very tall waterfalls in a boat and having the boat remain intact until the last one with everyone in the boat surviving.
  2. Indy's son Mutt (terrible name) swinging from vines with a bunch of monkeys after falling out of an all-terrain vehicle and being abandoned. He actually managed to catch back up with the rest of the crew!
  3. The inclusion of aliens (cheesy).
Other than these complaints, the movie was just what you'd expect from an Indiana Jones adventure. On a side note, in case you haven't heard Indy marries long time love Marion at the end of the movie. I guess this makes her Marion Jones.

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