Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Daniel Boone National Forest: Parker Mountain Trail/Mark Branch

Got out for some more adventure the past two days. Noelle, Parker and I headed down south to the best little campground in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It's called the Great Meadow Campground and it's right on beautiful Rock Creek, a Kentucky Scenic River. It's quite secluded, thus it turns out to be quiet. But perhaps, the best part of the campground is the fact that it's free! We drove down yesterday morning and set up camp. Then we headed out to hike Parker's namesake Parker Mountain Trail
to Buffalo Arch. The trail, a bit overgrown at times offered a few good views,
some wildflowers and the chance to see one of the most impressive arches (in my opinion) in Kentucky.
After spending some time relaxing at the arch
we headed back down to the car. It wasn't a particularly tough hike, but hiking with the dog can sometimes be challenging. In the case of this hike Parker was battling allergies and sounded like he was about to hack up a lung.

After returning to camp and eating, relaxing, and sleeping, we awoke feeling refreshed and headed over to Hemlock Grove Picnic Grounds where we hiked the Mark Branch/Gobblers Arch Loop.
Another overgrown trail with two sections that were ridiculously steep. Another nice hike. After that we got in the old Subaru and headed north to Lexington.

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