Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jeffers Petroglyphs State Historic Site

Today Noelle and I started our journey west from Galesville to Wind Cave National Park, our summer home. We headed across the Mighty Mississippi to Winona where we fueled up for our long journey. We hit Interstate 90 and traveled west to our first destination of the trip, Jeffers Petroglyphs.
The petroglyphs there were very interesting, although the light at the time of our visit, around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, was not the best for viewing them. We did see some circles,
bison, atlatls, and squiggly lines pecked into the rock.
We also went to an interesting short program on identifying arrowheads. It was pretty difficult work. From there we headed farther west. We’ve stopped for the evening on the banks of the Missouri River at Chamberlain, South Dakota. We’re looking forward to getting to those hills.


Still Wandering said...

No way! This is 9 miles from my home! It's one of the first places I can remember being outside, and going on a school field trip. Cool!

Ranger said...

Lucky! Say hi to the cave for me!