Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mammoth Cave National Park: Sloan Crossing Pond & White Oak Trail

After sleeping in a bit, Noelle and Eric packed up the car and headed out onto the open road for their final Kentucky Road Trip. Our destination would be Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky's only National Park and a place that Eric and Noelle have spent surprisingly little time while living in the Bluegrass State. We arrived at the park at around 11, grabbed a site in the campground and then headed out to do some hiking. We started at the short but pleasant Sloan Crossing Pond where we strolled the boardwalk
and looked for birds and other wildlife.
After that we headed across the Green River on the ferry, then drove north and east to the Big Woods area of the park where we started our hike along the White Oak Trail to the Green River at the Old Dennison's Ferry.
It was a largely uninteresting hike, but it beat sitting around doing nothing. After turning around and heading back to the car, we drove back to the campground where we ate dinner, then retired for an early bedtime.

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