Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot Springs, South Dakota

With rain in the forecast again Noelle and I decided to play it safe and stay really close to home. We went into Hot Springs and ran a few errands: paid the phone bill, cashed our deposit check rebate from the old apartment, and went to Pamida to grab a few things that we need. After our chores we had some time to play. We decided to hike up Battle Mountain. It was a nice little hike up an old road. The top is interesting, but cluttered. It offers a great view of town.
We then hiked down and back to the car.

After our hike we were hungry and so decided to stop by the Flatiron for a little bit of lunch. After a delicious lunch we walked through town stopping at the Wild Burro and the Kidney Springs Gazebo
to fill up a water bottle.

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Ranger said...

Flatiron. Yum.