Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Hills Tourist Day

Since we had purchased our Custer State Park passes yesterday, we decided to use them and explore Custer State Park a little bit. We drove back into the state park on Highway 87. Our first stop was Mt. Coolidge. We drove up the road to the fire lookout on top.
The view was pretty good from up there.
However, it would be a lot better if there weren’t so many towers up there with guy wires to hold them upright. From Mt. Coolidge we drive further north on 87 to the Needles Highway section. The drive along the Needles Highway was pleasant if unexciting. From there we stopped at Sylvan Lake where we walked around the lake and part of the Sunday Gulch Trail. From there we would move on to Hill City and the Prairie Berry winery.

Prairie Berry was interesting. I’m not a big wind connoisseur, but I did enjoy some of the wines that I sampled. Noelle and I both liked the Red Ass Rhubarb. After sampling the wines we got some lunch there. Lunch was very good. Noelle and I both had paninis, she the buffalo salami, I the roasted pork. We bought a bottle of the Red Ass Rhubarb before leaving.

Our final stop for the day was Rapid City where we played some disc golf
and went food shopping. Disc golf was interesting in the wind, but we had a good time nonetheless.

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