Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Jewel Cave Adventure

This evening after work Noelle, myself, and two co-workers headed over to Jewel Cave to check out their Spelunking Tour. It’s about time we checked it out. We had often wondered what the tour was like and had heard that it’s more difficult than Wind Cave’s. When we arrived we crawled through “the brick” to make sure we were all small enough to fit through the smallest part of the route, the “Brain Drain”. After making it through and signing the required paperwork we went into the cave with Lydia, our guide.

The tour turned out to be a lot of fun. Indeed, it is more difficult than Wind Cave’s caving tour. However, the Brain Drain was hardly the most difficult part of the route. As a matter of fact, the Brain Drain turned out to be quite easy.
The difficult part of the route was the climbing and chimneying. We all made it through though. In fact we covered the route pretty quickly, in just over two hours.
I now feel like a veritable Herb Conn.

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