Thursday, November 19, 2009

George H. Crosby-Manitou State Park

I was in the mood to go hiking today, with beautiful weather and no job. However, I knew that it is still deer rifle season and so I got on the internet to find a place where I could safely go hiking. I was originally thinking I would just hike a side trail to the SHT here in Duluth, but when I got on the Superior Hiking Trail Association website, I noticed that the trails at George H. Crosby/Manitou State park are open to hiking during the hunting season.

I quickly packed my pack and hit the road to the north shore. It was a fairly long drive for a short walk of about 3 miles. However, the scenery was pretty amazing with the cascades of the Manitou River and the dazzling blue of Lake Superior. it felt good to be outside as well. As much as I'm enjoying the late season hiking, I'm ready to start skiing. Noelle and I have decided to get ourselves some classical, nordic equipment for Christmas!

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Still Wandering said...

AWesome! there are some sweet trails at GCM - I've done a little backpacking there.

Nordic skiing is the best! Once you get the gear you are pretty much set - no stupid lift passes to deal with:) You could always come visit the nordic ski capital of the world...grand mesa,Colorado!