Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Western Waterfront Trail and Grassy Point

I had thought about going for a bicycle ride today when I heard that it was going to be sunny. However, I didn't take into account the temperature. It only made it up into the upper 30s. I could have ridden but it wouldn't have been a whole lot of fun. In stead I decided to take a walk along the Western Waterfront Trail. I had seen signs for the trail when driving along Grand Avenue and so I set out for the west side of Duluth this morning.

Soon enough I was on Grand Avenue and saw the sign for the trail. When I followed the sign though, it did not lead me to any trail. I decided to try and find my own way to the trail and instead ended up at a different city trail at Grassy Point. I decided I would hike this short Grassy Point Trail. It was a pleasant trail that made its way through cattails along a boardwalk to an overlook of the St. Louis River.
Grassy Point Boardwalk

From there I headed back to the car.

At this point I decided to give my search for the Western Waterfront Trail another try. This time my persistence paid off. I parked at the Willard Munger Trailhead and hiked around Indian Point before paralleling the St. Louis River. The trail offered great views of the river and I look forward to returning to hike the section of trail that I missed.

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