Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midnight Sun Midnight Run

Last night Noelle and I braved the cool, foggy, misty night air to run in the unusual Midnight Sun Midnight Run. Like the name would suggest the run started at midnight. Unlike the name would suggest, there was no sunshine. The course was interesting, running along the Lakewalk. This made for some nice, though dark, scenery and cool breezes. However, the Lakewalk is not very wide and so the race, especially the start were quite interesting. Why is it that the slowest people on the face of the earth always flock towards the front of a 5k start? It was very interesting trying to pass people on the narrow course, especially when the race got to the point where there were runners heading in two different directions of the Lakewalk. I wasn't sure what type of time I would run, as I hadn't trained very hard for the race, but I ended up running a 19:40 5k. Noelle's time was 31:08.

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