Thursday, June 10, 2010

Northwest Company Fur Post and St. Croix State Park

Today Noelle and I drove on down to the Hinkley/Pine City metro area to check out the Northwest Co Fur Post and (weather permitting) do a little hiking. The fur post was interesting. We checked out the inside exhibits and walked around the reconstructed fur post. We even got to skin a deer.
It was an interesting and stinky experience! We walked the trails there as well and donated a bit of blood to the local mosquitoes.

After the fur post we had lunch at Tobie's (a Minnesota tradition). We then took the deceptively long drive to St. Croix State Park to get in a quick walk before the impending rain started. A quick side trip took us to an interesting fire tower where the views were long and the winds were strong. Our hike was short due to the trail ending at a pool of water whose depth we were unable to determine. We retraced our steps to the car and swatted the mosquitoes as we walked.

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