Monday, October 4, 2010

Trego Lake Trail

Noelle, Parker and I packed up our stuff in Galesville this morning to hit the road and head home to Duluth. We had planned to go for a hike on our way home, but our late start made the original plan a bit iffy. We weren't sure we would have enough time to do the hike and get Noelle to school on time. As we approached our freeway exit we decided to give the hike a go anyway. We drove to the trail-head for the Circle Trail in the Chippewa Moraine only to discover a $10 parking fee. We took this as a sign and decided to formulate a new plan.

Instead of hiking the Chippewa Moraine we would head to the town of Trego and hike one of the ski trails along Trego Lake. It was just too nice outside to not go for at least a short walk. Our revised plan turned out to be worth the effort. The weather was flawless and the walk was short and just what we needed to get Noelle to class on time.  

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