Sunday, October 10, 2010

Willard Munger Trail: Alex Laveau Section

It was another beautiful fall morning and despite the forecast of rain showers, I just had to get outside and do something. I figured this might be a great time to get in a last bicycle ride for the year. I didn't want to have to drive too far and so I decided to ride the Alex Laveau segment of the Munger Trail, which in actuality is a spur of the main trail that goes from Carlton, through Wrenshall and ends at Highway 23.

The first mile and half of the trail are quite spectacular, passing through a jumble of tilted rocks that are familiar to those who have been to Jay Cooke State Park or even the Carlton area.

The trail also passed through some old rock cuts that were pretty interesting. Despite the fact that most of the leaves are already down in the area, there were still plenty of golden needles left on the tamarack trees.

The trail then passed through some farm land in the Wrenshall area, and an interesting monument in a city park in Wrenshall is a large statue of an albino deer jumping over some logs.

At highway 23 I made a left and followed the road for a while before turning around and heading back to Carlton. Once I had arrived in Carlton, I had not had enough cycling and so I followed a sign for the St. Louis River Trail (a different one than the one Noelle and I had hike two days previously). This trail went through some Carlton neighborhoods and then paralleled the road that leads from I-35 to Carlton, ending at a park and ride. The interesting thing about the short trail is the rocks carved with what appear to be petroglyphs that are found alongside the trail in various spots.

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