Friday, March 29, 2013

Cherokee National Forest: Margarette Falls

Today Noelle, Sierra, Parker and I got out for our first hike in the Greeneville area. It was a pleasant drive to the trailhead in the Cherokee National Forest. We arrived at the trailhead, got the backpack ready and headed off.
Eric and Sierra photo P1010231_zpsa1d5465b.jpg
The hike started on an old gravel road.
Parker and Noelle on the Trail photo P1010229_zps9a573b56.jpg
Eventually we left the old road and started off on a muddy footpath. The trail paralleled a cascading creek with lots of views of tumbling water.
Cascading Water photo P1010232_zps8af816f7.jpg
Eventually we crossed the creek on a footbridge
On Bridge photo P1010233_zpsbee57a7d.jpg
and later crossed the creek again on some slippery stepping stones.
Crossing Creek photo P1010237_zps25dbf8cd.jpg
Shortly after crossing the creek for the second time we found ourselves at the impressive Margarette Falls.
Margarette Falls photo P1010243_zpsadce2951.jpg

We took a family photo at the falls and then started to make our way back to the trailhead. The hike back to the car was all downhill and so was very easy, except for the slippery mud. As we made our way back to the old road section of our hike we ran into a pair of hikers and their dog. The lady in the group informed us that she worked for the chamber of commerce and she took a photo of us hiking to use on their website. After only 2 days in town it looks like we're going to be helping to sell Greeneville to visitors!      

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