Monday, March 25, 2013

President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home NHS

Noelle, Sierra and I are on the road, headed to our new home in Greeneville, Tennessee. Last night we stayed in Weatherford, Texas and this morning we drove into Arkansas where we stopped in Hope
Hope Arkansas photo P1010222_zps6f546aa5.jpg
for a visit at the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site.
Clinton Home photo P1010221_zps20571217.jpg
This visit is particularly interesting given that Clinton is the only other president to be impeached besides Andrew Johnson, whose home I am headed to for my new job. We toured the visitor center before going on a tour of the actual home.
Family Photo at Clinton Home photo P1010216_zps501d395a.jpg
None of the furnishings are original, but are period pieces similar to what would have been in the home when Clinton was a boy. I think Sierra enjoyed seeing Bill's playpen.
Bill Clinton's Playpen photo P1010214_zpsa22e6a25.jpg
The one item in the home that actually belonged to Clinton was this book.
Bill's Book photo P1010215_zps8666e898.jpg

After touring the site we headed back to the car to hit the road again. We made an interesting wildlife discovery before we left though: a red headed woodpecker.
 photo 30addd0d-0a57-4458-b914-04ae2fbd8ff0_zps50bf6698.jpg
It was my first time seeing this species. Interesting that while National Park Service sites are often great places to see wildlife, we often overlook historic sites as wildlife viewing areas.      

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