Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Grunwald Family Christmas Tree 2013

The Grunwald's loaded up the old Family Truckster today and headed into the mountains of North Carolina to find the Griswold Grunwald Family Christmas tree 2013 edition. Since we now live back east, the $5 forest service permit is not an option. Instead, we would do our tree harvesting at a commercial establishment: Frosty Mountain Christmas Tree Farm which is in the Shelton Laurel area of North Carolina right on the Tennessee border. Yes it would be a good old fashioned family bonding experience right our of the movies!

We arrived with our saw and tie downs, but found out we would not need them. Due to insurance issues they do not allow customers to cut down their own tree. Instead they have a fancy chainsaw that they use to do it for you. They do give you a big tall PVC stick to measure your tree
and after acquiring our plastic stick we walked a short section of trail
on trail to trees
to the forest of 6 foot tall Fraser Firs.
tree tag
view from our tree
It didn't take long to find some really nice trees and we decided on a fine specimen after about 15 minutes.
Noelle Sierra in tree farm
After waving our plastic stick in the air and waiting for a bit,
Eric with tree stick
a sawyer cam by and lopped the tree off its foundation. We then walked back to the headquarters where they delivered the tree by pickup truck and then baled it and tied it to the roof of the truckster. It was $30 for our beautiful specimen. More expensive than our previous trees in 2011 and 2012, but a much fuller tree.   

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