Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: Lake View Beach Access

Wow! Last night's storms were very intense! A medium sized tree branch fell just inches from our tent. The lightning was like a strobe light and the wind was really whipping. We survived though, no thanks to the ranger who had us seek shelter in the bathhouse after the storm had ended. Anyway, we did not get a whole lot of sleep last night. Still, we were happy to get out to the beach to enjoy some sand and dip our toes in Lake Michigan.
Sierra really enjoyed the beach
playing in sand
Sierra and Noelle walk sand
Sierra on beach
and wanted to get into the water badly.
in water
at waters edge
We walked to a tannin-colored creek
waling beach
and then turned back to the car. We saw lots of bird tracks in the sand.
bird tracks
As far as wildlife, we saw a crayfish
and a lot of weird moths flying around and landing in the sand.

After enjoying the sand in our "piggies" ,
little footprints
we rinsed off
rinsing feet
and headed back to the campground to pack up our slightly drier tent for our drive into Chicago for lunch.            

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