Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lumberjack Steam Train

With Sierra's recent infatuation with trains, we decided a trip over to Laona, Wisconsin (home of the world's largest soup kettle) for a ride on a real steam engine was in order. We piled into Noelle's car with her aunt and uncle and made the drive through the woods of northern Wisconsin.

We arrived at the Lumberjack Steam Train just as a train was leaving the station. We were in no hurry though and so we patiently waited for the next departure and ate some snacks. We watched excitedly as the train returned for us to embark on our ride!
engine 4 approaches
family photo
front view
family on train
The ride is short and the scenery is certainly not as dramatic as what you would see on Durango and Silverton or Cumbres and Toltec. Still, it was a pleasant ride over the Rat River
Rat River
and just the right length for a one year old.

The ride took us into the "logging camp' where there were lots of animals
(Sierra really enjoyed the kittens and bunnies), some blacksmiths,
a terrible ride into the forest to learn about timber harvesting, and an snack bar with ice cream. We walked around the grounds and visited the animals several times before returning to the car on the last train back to the depot.         

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