Monday, August 11, 2014

Ijams Nature Center: River Trail/Tower Trail Loop

To celebrate our seven years of wedded bliss (it's usually bliss at least), Noelle and I, along with Sierra headed over to Knoxville to do a little exploring. Our first stop was the very interesting Ijams Nature Center. We got our bearings and bought a trail map, then ate a snack in the car before hitting the trails. Our hike was a short one, but we packed a lot of interesting sights into the short walk.

We began with a walk through the woods on the North Cove Trail.
on the trail
We then made a right turn onto the River Trail. The most interesting part of the hike was the section of boardwalk on the River Trail that led us above the Tennessee River.
Noelle on boardswalk
Besides the river itself, the boardwalk was interesting in that it passed by a cave
Noelle at cave
and along a limestone outcrop with lots of cracks for skinks to hide in.

From the River Trail we hiked back to the nature center on the Tower Trail. We saw the beautiful bloom of a Passionflower along the way.
Once back at the center we checked out the animals and exhibits,
girls in tree
along with the grounds surrounding it.
Sierra and turtle
Then it was on to downtown Knoxville where we finally ate at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. I think the food lived up to its billing, and the $2 pints made things even better. After a late lunch we walked around town a bit and let Sierra play in the fountain at Market Square.
wet hand
touching water
love water
It was a wonderful day to spend an anniversary!             

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