Sunday, August 3, 2014

North Carolina Arboretum

Today Noelle, Sierra and I headed down to Asheville to check out the North Carolina Arboretum. The arboretum had originally been the focus of our trip down there, but after a delicious lunch at Mellow Mushroom we strolled around downtown a bit and ended up at Splashville an area of fountains for kids (and adults) to play in.

After Sierra spend about a half hour getting somewhat wet, we headed for the arboretum. While the parking fee is a bit expensive at $12, the arboretum is a very pleasant place for a stroll. We were all impressed by the Quilt Garden,
Quilt garden
Noelle and Sierra at garden
and the art work throughout the arboretum.
A hedge against
Oh Great Spirit
However, my favorite part was the bonsai garden.
2 bonsai
another bonsai
bonsai forest
We walked from the main parking area to an education center and then took a short hike back on the Natural Garden Trail.
on the trail
Sierra was happy to go hiking. She walked a good bit of the way on her own, although Noelle and I did have to carry her a little bit.         

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Sara B said...

Oh my, Sierra is so big. She was just a baby when I started following you on here. Looks like you are enjoying your time across the mighty river.