Monday, August 25, 2014

Twin Falls Resort State Park

On our drive home from Ohio we decided that southern West Virginia would make a good stop to split things up a bit. Twin Falls State park seemed to fit the bill perfectly, although we underestimated just how far off of Interstate 77 it is. We pulled into the campground last night after driving on some really curvy roads that induced vomiting in poor Sierra.

This morning we were all eager to explore our surroundings a bit, including the small cemetery right near our campsite.
Jenkins Cemetery
After packing up camp we drove to the Twin Falls Trailhead for our hike to the two "twin" falls. Almost immediately we found ourselves at the first of the waterfalls: Marsh Fork Falls.
Marsh Fork falls
The waterfall was nice, but not the most spectacular we have ever seen. From the first waterfall the trail continued heading first downstream
Noelle hiking
and then later and to our surprise upstream along a different stream.

We climbed steeply at times past lots of mushrooms
tall mushroom
and soon found ourselves at Black Fork Falls.
Black Fork Falls
It was a steep descent down to the falls, but the tricky descent was worth it because we could go behind the falls.
behind falls
Sierra was excited by this and said something about rabbits going behind waterfalls. I believe this was a reference to Disney's Robin Hood which she likes to watch and in which some of the characters live in a secret protected cove in the woods that they access by going behind a waterfall. She is a smart girl! From Black Fork Falls it was a short hike back to the car and then a long drive back to Greeneville.      

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