Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary

We went to Asheville on a beautiful late winter day today. We ate lunch at Wicked Weed and checked out the Riverside Cemetery (will have to go back again) before heading over to the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary on our way home. Unfortunately, we didn't see many birds, but it was a great day to just get out and enjoy nature.

We parked in the parking lot where we found an interesting sign marking the entrance.
funny parking sign
We then walked the trail which features sections of boardwalk.
walking on boardwalk
on boardwalk again
Among the highlights were a massive tree of unknown species
big tree
in tree
and some really nice views of a partially frozen Beaver Lake.  
looking over lake
I think we will have to return to Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary at some point. Maybe when the migrants are flying through.

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