Monday, March 30, 2015

The Highpoint of Alabama: Cheaha Mountain

It was perfectly clear when we went to bed last night in our tent in the primitive camping area at Cheaha State Park.
Cheaha campsite
We watched the sunset through the trees,
and the summit of Cheaha Mountain glowed in the waning sunlight.
Cheaha Mountain from distance
However, it rained pretty hard last night with some thunder and lightning. We awoke to a light rain and decided to find the lodge restaurant to eat breakfast. The restaurant was closed, but it was close to the summit area of the mountain. Since we were there we decided to head over and bag the peak. We hit patches of fog as we made the short drive to the observation tower at the summit.
Cheaha Mountain

I found the benchmark on a rock near the foundation of the tower.
Then Noelle and Sierra joined me for a walk up to the top of the tower. The stairs were a bit damp and dark. We took a family photo at the top
family in tower
and then headed down into the thickening fog.
Eric and Sierra at sign
We drove back to the campsite and packed up our wet tent for our drive south.        

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