Sunday, March 29, 2015

Little River Canyon National Preserve

After a great night's rest and delicious breakfast at our friends' house, we hit the road again. This time we headed over to the Little River Canyon Preserve near Fort Payne. Our first stop was the picnic area near Little River Falls. We ate a picnic lunch there and then hiked over to check out the falls.
walking to falls
With spring water flows the falls were pretty impressive!
Little River Falls
We checked the falls out
Sierra checks out falls
from two different vantage points
at brink of falls
and then headed over to the visitor center. There were not many exhibits in the visitor center and so after stamping our Passport books we moved on for a hike on the Beaver Pond Trail.

The hike on the Beaver Pond Trail was pleasant,
Noelle and Sierra hiking
even if the pond itself was a bit of a disappointment.
beaver pond
We found a clump of animal fur that was interesting.
animal fur
We think it came from a deer. When we had returned to the parking area, I took a quick walk across the road to check out the view from the Lynn Overlook.
Little River overlook
We then hit the road on our way down to Cheaha State Park and our campsite for the night.         

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