Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway: Abbott Lake Trail

Today was the last day of our summer road trip. We stayed in a motel last night in Staunton, Virginia and, after breakfast, headed south. We got off of I-81 and headed over to the Blue Ridge Parkway for one more hike, a short stroll along the shores of Abbott Lake. We had seen the Abbott Lake Trail when we hiked up Sharp Top and I thought hiking this one mile long loop trail would be a good way to break up our drive.

We started the hike with a walk along a short boardwalk.
walking boardwalk
We threw some dogwood berries into the lake and the fish rushed towards them like they were food. We continued the hike along the lake
walking around Abbott Lake
with great views up to Sharp Top.
Sharp Top and Pond
Eventually the trail entered the woods where Sierra insisted on hiking by herself.
Sierra strolls in woods
We found a few pieces of stone on the trail and Sierra threw them into the lake.
throwing rocks
Then we headed over to the Polly Woods Ordinary to check it out.
Polly Woods Ordinary
It is a simple cabin where past travelers could get the "ordinary" things that they needed in their travels.

Soon we crossed a small stream on an interesting footbridge.
cool bridge
Sierra noticed a fish in the water just below the bridge. After observing Sierra's fish for a bit, we headed towards the Peaks of Otter Lodge. Along the way we found a black snake hiding in the vegetation just off to the side of the trail.
snake head
We used the restroom inside the lodge and then returned to the car for the final leg of our journey home. 

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