Friday, July 17, 2015

Family Vacation 2015: Ocean City, New Jersey

We weren't sure this trip to the Jersey Shore was even going to happen. Mom and Dad are in the process of buying a house in South Jersey and expected to be in it by now. Unfortunately, there were delays with getting their loan approved and with some issues that were discovered during their home inspection. We had planned on driving up to Scranton to check out Steamtown and Rickett's Glen State Park, but discovered that Dad had rented a home from Tuesday night through Friday and so we made the trip to the shore.

It rained Tuesday and parts of Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday were really nice. We walked the boardwalk and spent some time on the beach. Sierra really enjoyed the beach!
We dug in the sand,
Sierra the Digger
built a sandcastle,
Sierra's sand castle
dipped our piggies in the ocean,
with Katie
and relaxed.
Dad at beach
It was an enjoyable time with family!

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