Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Voyageurs National Park: Rainy Lake Recreation Trail

Just like yesterday, we decided for an adventure close to home. We headed over to the Rainy Lake Visitor Center for me do run a quick errand. We then got out the jogging stroller for a walk on the new Rainy Lake Recreation Trail.
silly in stroller
The trail is pretty awesome. It is smooth, well-graded, and features lots of gentle twists and turns.
Noelle pushes the stroller
There are occasional views out to Black Bay.
Black Bay

This time of year it is a particularly nice walk because there are few insects out, the aspens are leafing out,
trail through aspens
and flowers are starting to bloom. Among the flowers that we observed blooming were an unknown with white clusters
white flowers
and marsh marigold.
marsh marigold
We stopped at the Hike to Health sign
rubbing plate
and, because we remembered to bring our book and a crayon, we got a rubbing of what Sierra called the "rubber".
Sierra does rubbing
We continued on the trail and stopped to read the interpretive signs.
Noelle reads sign
At the end of the trail, near the park entrance, we took a family photo of ourselves at the sign.
family at entrance sign
Then we turned around and headed back to the car.   

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