Monday, May 2, 2016

Voyageurs National Park: Sullivan Bay Trail

After our short hike of the Beaver Pond Overlook Trail, Sierra, Noelle, and I were still wanting to do some exploring. We decided to head across the road from the Beaver Pond parking lot to hike the Sullivan Bay Trail.
Sullivan Bay trailhead
The Sullivan Bay Trail is used primarily for snowshoeing, but is open to hikers spring through fall. The trail is .7 mile long and Sierra was a little tired, so she decided to ride in the backpack.
Daddy and Sierra 2
Most of the trail wasn't really all that exciting, merely a path through boreal forest.
Mommy on trail
However, the end of the trail features a really nice spot overlooking Sullivan Bay.
Sullivan Bay 1
Sullivan Bay
We admired the view for a while and lounged on the rock, basking in the sun.
resting on the rock
The Hike to Health marker there features a pair of snowshoes
Hike to Health marker
and there is a nice woodpecker tree
woodpecker holes
near the end as well. There is also a picnic table and fire ring.

Eventually we started the hike back to the car. The trail is obviously an old road, and in talking to some coworkers I discovered that there is evidence of old cabins scattered throughout the woods along the trail. When we reached the parking lot, Noelle noticed something small moving in the road. It turned out to be a turtle crossing the road.
turtle in road
Noelle helped to herd it to the other side.
herding turtle
almost there
We didn't want to see it get hit by a car. Sierra really enjoyed watching the turtle crawl along on the ground.
Sierra watching turtle
It moved surprisingly quick.    

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