Monday, May 30, 2016

Orr Bog Walk

While roadtripping around Koochiching County to explore more of our new home area, we made an unplanned detour to Highway 53 just south of Orr. Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to take a walk on the Orr Bog Walk.
start of Bog Walk
We hit the boardwalk
walking boardwalk
with bugspray in my pocket, just in case. I'm glad we brought it, as it was quite buggy with lots of mosquitoes.
the trail ahead
Because it was so buggy, we did not spend a whole lot of time exploring and did not see any carnivorous plants. We did see some marsh marigold in bloom,
marsh marigold
some wild calla,
wild calla
and Labrador tea.
Labrador Tea
We also saw a few frogs
on submerged portions of the boardwalk along the Pelican River.
walking floating boardwalk
Perhaps we will return at a different time of the year to see what's in bloom.
back into the woods

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