Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Day Hike 2017: Snowshoeing the Oberholtzer Trail at Voyageurs National Park

Today we kept our tradition of participating in a hike on the first day of the new year. This year was a little bit different though. There aren't any organized first day hikes in our area so we headed over to the Rainy Lake Visitor Center area to do a snowshoe on the Oberholtzer Trail. It was Sierra's first time on snowshoes and she was very excited.

We parked in the lot near the boat ramp and strapped on our snowshoes.
Sierra in showshoes
Sierra tested them out immediately by walking in the deep snow off to the side of the parking lot.
We took a shortcut through snow-covered low shrubs
Mommy and Sierra snowshoeing
and joined the official trail.
cute snowshoers
Sierra was pretty good on her snowshoes, although she fell many times.
fallen snowshoer
snow on face
Often, her fall was on purpose; an excuse to play around in the snow. We passed the snow covered expanse of cattails on Black Bay,
snowwy vista
made our way through a forest of snow covered trees,
snowshoeing in the trees
and continued on through a boulder passageway
going through boulders
almost at overlook
to the overlook with the bench.
enjoying a break
We relaxed at the bench for a bit,
on bench
Sierra on bench
huddled together for snowshoe photo
three sets of snowshoes
and then turned around for the walk back to the car.
Sierra leads the way
nice light
Because we didn't move very fast with Sierra, I was getting quite cold by the time we were back at the car. Altogether, it was a nice way to start 2017 and a good first snowshoe for Sierra. 

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