Monday, January 2, 2017

Voyageurs National Park: Tilson Connector Ski Trail

It was snowy gently this morning as I strapped on my skis and started out on the Tilson Connector Trail. I made my way along the snow covered Rainy Lake Recreation Trail to the point where the Tilson Connector splits off, crosses the entrance road and heads into a wetland.
trail through wetland
I quickly found an interesting snow covered bird's nest; I'm thinking it's a wren's nest.
snow covered nest
Soon the trail headed into the forest.
into the forest
I passed a trail shelter, but continued on,
trail and sign
taking a side trip on a "new" trail
new trail
that went steeply up and then down a hill. I have to admit that I fell on the downhill. Nothing too catastrophic, but I fell nonetheless.

I continued on past a view of the what I believe to be a view of the trail's namesake Tilson Creek.
Tilson Creek
Soon I found myself at the intersection with the main portion of the Tilson Creek Trail system. I turned around at this point and started to make my way back to the car. This time I stopped at the trail shelter
for a short break
looking out of shelter
resting in shelter
and then continued on back into the national park. I didn't notice the point when the trail left the park on the way out, but it was obvious on the way back; marked with a "no hunting" sign.
reentering park
I looked for the Hike to Health rubbing post on way back, but never did find it.

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